J.Lo at Orchard Beach

J.Lo at Orchard Beach in the Bronx in partnership with State Farm. Jeremy Thom Productions designed a version of Jennifer Lopez' Bronx neighborhood as a portal entrance corridor for concertgoers. An ingenious truss and fabric skinning system involved fabricating large scale printed Duralar skins which were fitted over architectural truss which emulated a pastiche of Bronx architectural motif.

I assembled all the high res photo reference, and then re-created a seamless series of Bronx buildings which were painstakingly retouched at high resolution. These series of images were then composited on fitted Duralar skins which were printed on special large format printers in Holland.In addition, Renderscape created all the set visualizations and CAD renderings.


Jennifer Lopez at Orchard Beach


Orchard Beach  Bronx, NY


July 2016


112 Addis Drive Kerhonkson, NY12446

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